Adults Courses FAQs:

ALC was established in 1980 at the Dubai World Trade Centre by Ms. Maliha Wehbe.
ALC has since then maintained its position as a pioneer in teaching Arabic as a foreign language in Dubai and the UAE.

  • Our history and continuity (in the region since 1980)
  • Our unique and effective Maliha Wehbe method that presents Arabic in a simplified and logical way that makes Arabic easy to learn
  • We follow a communicative, task-based methodology that aims at teaching the Arabic used in real life and situations.
  • Our program structured in levels starting from the Beginners>Intermediate > Advanced
  • Our course materials which are an application of the Maliha Wehbe method and are developed and updated by ALC
  • Our native speaking, trained and experienced teachers

Arabic is a rich and complex language, but it can be presented in a simplified and systematic method that makes it easy and enjoyable to learn. Our method brings out the logic of the language and is based on the use of direct and useful application of concepts that facilitate learning.

ALC’s public group classes run 5-6 times per year; therefore students have the opportunity to complete 5-6 levels annually. Beginners Intensive terms are offered throughout the year, typically in February, April, July, August, October, and December. New term schedules are posted online and emailed to students announcing the start of the registration period.

The classes are identical in content. The only difference is in the pace of the class. Regular classes are offered twice a week in 2-hour sessions. The intensive terms are conducted 3-5 times a week, depending on the particular term.

We teach a combination of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and spoken Arabic. While we focus more on the Levant Arabic, we introduce our students to different terminologies and variations used in all the Arab World. The Arabic we teach is recognized all over the Arab World. We gradually introduce Classical/written Arabic in the Intermediate and Advanced classes. For those seeking lessons only in one dialect (e.g. Egyptian), we can provide tailored, private lessons.

Like is the case with any foreign language learning, this depends on factors like the individual student’s ability and his/her exposure to the language. Learners more exposed to Arabic and have the opportunity to use it more with colleagues or family become fluent faster than others.

Usually after one term, students are comfortable to converse using the topics covered in Beginners I. When students reach Beginners Conversation (3 more terms), their conversation skills are significantly advanced.

Reading and Writing is only a small portion of the class. Focus is placed mainly on speaking and conversation. So if you know the script but cannot speak at a communicative level, you will need to be placed in Beginners I. Please contact us to be able to better assess your level.

Students are emailed the material covered in class after each session. They are also encouraged to attend other classes at alternative timings, if available. Furthermore, as per the student ’s need and teacher availability, we can arrange for private make-up lessons at reduced rates.

This depends on your learning style (whether you learn better individually or in group) and your schedule (whether it works in any of our present public classes).

Generally, group classes are more interactive, lower in cost and may be easier to join.

We conduct corporate classes to businesses based in the neighboring cities of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and others. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a proposal.

Our prices are fixed and we do not offer discounts, except to some corporate clients with agreements with ALC. However, we have a Lucky Learner’s Draw that entitles winners for a 20% discount on the next term tuition fees.

Two winners from the Beginners and Advanced Levels are randomly selected every term.

We do not arrange for visas or sponsorships. However, once a student is registered, we can provide an enrollment letter stating that the student is a registered ALC student. The letter may facilitate obtaining a visa, depending on the student’s country of origin.

ALC does not provide nor coordinate housing or hotel accommodation. However, we have special student rates at the hotels within the DWTC. Please contact us for further details.


Children Courses FAQs:

We teach the spoken Arabic used by various Arab nationals combined with a simplified form of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). We focus on the oral communication skills before we gradually introduce Classical Arabic. Our courses enable students to be understood in different parts of the Arab world, whilst helping them to understand and be aware of different regional accents and expressions.

The books we use are developed by the founder Maliha Wehbe in collaboration with the Director of the Arabic for Children’s program, Maha Jayyusi. Depending on the students’levels, we use Lugat al-Arab,na-takalam lugat al-Arab, and other supplementary materials.

We can arrange for an assessment for your child with one of our senior instructors in order to determine the child’s level of Arabic and place him/her in the proper class.

We provide three terms a year following the academic school year: September–December, January–March, and April–June. We also offer the Winter Camp (December holidays), the Summer Camp (June, July & August), and the Spring Camp (April holidays). Please visit the Timetable to see our current term’s classes.

Our Saturday morning classes run from 9.00am to 12.00pm. Private classes can be scheduled at any time during the week, following the student preference and teacher’s availability.

Our Saturday classes, after-school classes, and seasonal camps are held at ALC’s premises. We are located on the Fourth Floor of the Dubai World Trade Centre Tower (also known as Sheikh Rashid Tower). See Contact Us for more details.

ALC teaches both children and adults. For the adults’ programme, please visit Courses for adults.

We teach other language on demand and according to availability.

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