Summer Immersion Program for Adults

Course Details


2 weeks/ 4 weeks


July 1 – July 12, / July 1 – July 26


Experience the vibrant culture of Dubai while mastering the Arabic language with our Summer Arabic Immersion Program. Designed for adults aged 18 and above, our intensive courses are perfect for beginners. Choose from two program options: a 2-week intensive course covering Beginners 1 and 2, or a full month immersion encompassing Beginners 1, 2, and 3.

International students will have the unique opportunity to learn Arabic at our center in Dubai, immersing themselves in the language and culture of one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Our expert instructors use engaging and interactive teaching methods to ensure a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.


2 weeks/ 4 weeks


July 1 – July 12  July 1 – July 26

Learning Outcomes:

2-Week Program (Beginners 1 and 2): 

1. Basic Communication: Gain foundational skills to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and basic phrases. 

2. Speaking Skills: Learn to introduce yourself and others, ask and answer questions about personal details, and interact in a simple way. 

3. Listening Skills: Develop the ability to comprehend basic Arabic when spoken slowly and clearly. 

4. Reading Skills: Start reading simple texts in Arabic and recognize basic vocabulary and phrases. 

5. Cultural Understanding: Acquire an introductory understanding of Arabic culture and social norms.    

4-Week Program (Beginners 1, 2, and 3): 

1. Enhanced Communication: Build on foundational skills to engage in more complex conversations and express opinions and ideas. 

2. Fluent Speaking: Improve pronunciation and fluency, enabling more confident interactions in various situations. 

3. Advanced Listening: Enhance listening comprehension to understand spoken Arabic in everyday contexts. 

4. Reading Proficiency: Read and understand more complex texts. 

5. In-Depth Cultural Immersion: Deepen your understanding of Arabic customs, traditions, and social etiquette through real-life experiences in Dubai.

Program Package:

The program package includes accommodation in a hotel located within walking distance from our center and conveniently next to a metro station. This ensures ease of access and a comfortable stay, allowing you to focus on your studies and fully enjoy your time in Dubai.

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