Intermediate Level (8-13 years)

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Term 2: 8 Jan- 26 March 2023 Term 3: 14 April- 2 July 2023


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95 AED per hour + VAT + Book if needed


Intermediate A(Ages 7-9 years)

Builds on the content of previously covered material, reading and writing skills with additional letters. Telling the time, days of the week. Reading sentences and short paragraphs. Informal introduction to grammar. Verb and noun conjugation with singular pronouns. Writing short paragraphs. Educational games, stories and songs.

Intermediate B (Ages 9-11 years)

Text books are assigned which will gradually move the child from introductory level to the primary stage. The books are supported by posters which help the students to orally express themselves with simple sentences, along with a basic grammar book and assessment at the end of each term. Extended conversational material such as sports, in the city, at the airport etc.

Intermediate C (Ages 11-13 years)

Continue with reading texts and answering questions verbally and in writing. Spelling tests. Greater emphasis on grammar, such as prepositions – place and time adverbs. Writing longer paragraphs about different topics. Listening and reading comprehension. Educational games and stories.

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