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Arabic Language for Children offers public, private/ semi-private courses and seasonal intensive.

The Arabic Language Centre for Children has been the top choice for children aged 3 to 16 to master the Arabic language for over thirty years. Our unparalleled teaching approach and exceptional team of passionate teachers guarantee an enjoyable and effective learning experience. We start with everyday Arabic (Spoken Arabic) and gradually introduce classical Arabic to lay a solid foundation for advanced studies.
Whether your child is new to Arabic or has prior knowledge, our center is the ultimate destination for them to enhance their skills and fully embrace the joy of learning Arabic!


Our Approach

At the Arabic Language Centre for Children, we believe in creating an engaging and effective learning experience. Our approach is characterized by simplicity and logic, ensuring that children find learning Arabic enjoyable and rewarding. We prioritize teaching the spoken Levantine Arabic dialect, used in everyday communication across the Arab world. As students progress through our program, we gradually introduce Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), essential for those aspiring to pursue advanced levels of study.

Public Classes

Located in the heart of our community, our welcoming premises offer enriching classes designed to ignite curiosity and inspire growth. We accept students aged 3 to 16 years old, grouping them by age and level, ranging from reception to advanced. Our interactive and motivational classes are enjoyed by students of both Arabic and non-Arabic backgrounds.

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Private/Semi-Private Classes

-Private We understand that every child is unique, and sometimes, traditional learning environments may not be the best fit. That's why we offer private tuition services, designed with your child's needs in mind.

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Seasonal Intensive Course

Discover the joy of learning Arabic through our seasonal intensive courses during school breaks and summer. Designed to be the ultimate blend of learning and fun, our courses offer a comprehensive immersion into the Arabic language and culture.

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