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Arabic Language for Children offers public, private/ semi-private courses and seasonal camps.

Arabic Language Centre for Children has been teaching Arabic to children (3-16 years) for over 33 years. The longevity of our success is due to two key factors: our unique method of teaching and our team of enthusiastic and passionate teaching staff. We use a simplified and logical approach to make the experience, easy, effective and fun. We teach the Arabic that is spoken every day, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which can be understood throughout the Arab World. In later levels, we gradually introduce classical Arabic, which is necessary for those intending to study for Advanced Levels.

Public Courses

Public Classes are held at our premises on Sundays and Fridays. Sunday classes: from 9:00 AM until 11:30 AM Friday classes: from 12:45 PM until 2:45 PM Our tuition fees are detailed below: All levels (reception to advanced): AED 95/hour + course material (if needed) + 5% VAT Sibling discount is available.

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Private And Semi-Private Courses

For those unable to attend the scheduled public courses or wish to have a course structured to their requirements, we offer private tuition. Class timings are arranged to suit the needs of the individual. However, more intensive schedules can be arranged if requested. Semi-private classes are conducted on the same basis with two to three people studying together.

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Seasonal Camps

At the Arabic languange Centre for Children, we offer 3 camps per year : Winter, Spring and Summer. Each week, the camp focuses on a specific theme related to the child’s routines and activities such as, sports, birthdays, outings, beach, family introductions, travelling, hobbies and more! The children will be able to learn the language while having fun in class. The camp includes arts and crafts, educational games, role-plays, and songs delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment. The camp emphasizes oral communication that develop the child’s confidence in speaking the language. The camps are led by our enthusiastic team of native speaking teachers.

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Reception Level (3-6 years)

Introduces the shapes and sounds of the Arabic letters; introduces the long and short vowels; enables students to read three-letter words; engages students in basic age-appropriate conversation. Introduces the numbers and colors; employs educational stories, songs and games. Writing skills are not emphasized at the reception level.

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Introductory Level (6-8 years)

The Arabic alphabet, with long and short vowels; enables students to read three and four-letter words. Develops basic writing skills by joining letters; introduces the concept of big and small, long and short characters. Informally introduces grammar – singular pronouns and possessive pronouns; engages students in conversation about personal data, school life, family members etc.; incorporates the use of educational games, stories and songs.

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Intermediate Level (8-13 years)

Builds on the content of previously covered material, reading and writing skills with additional letters. Telling the time, days of the week. Reading sentences and short paragraphs. Informal introduction to grammar. Verb and noun conjugation with singular pronouns. Writing short paragraphs. Educational games, stories and songs.

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Advanced Level (Teen)

The course addresses the four language skills needed to learn Arabic at an advanced level. The course aims to enable students to advance their knowledge of Classical Arabic and develop more sophisticated reading and writing skills, in addition to an enhanced level of oral communication. Topics covered: Personal Information • Education • Social Situations • Sports and Cultural Events • Tourism • Letter Writing • Nature and Service Industries (banks, hotels, restaurants, airlines, shopping). At the Arabic Language Centre, the programmed incorporates Arabic Media (Radio, TV, and Newspapers).

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