Unique Method

Our unique method of teaching Arabic as a foreign language was developed by ALC founder Maliha Wehbe. We follow a communicative, task-based methodology, and we integrate the four language skills, with a focus on Speaking.

  • Our teaching approach helps students to learn and speak the language the natural way; via the Arabic script, rather than via the English transliteration.
  • The method brings out the logic of the language in a way that has not been implemented before, which makes the learning process easier and gives Arabic the credit it deserves, as a
    logical, systematic and easy-to-learn language.
  • The structured classes are comprehensive and designed to teach vocabulary relevant to everyday use.
  • Our courses assist students in building up words and forming sentences.

  • We incorporate the triangular theory in an innovative, non-traditional way to teach word structure,conjugation, case endings, Harakaat, verb moods and letter dots.
  • We teach students to recognize the shapes of the Arabic alphabet and the sounds they represent and to show that Arabic is a truly phonetic language.

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