Unique Method

We teach an Arabic used by various Arab nationals combined with a simplified form of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA); the latter being a standard form recognized all over the Arab World. Our unique method of teaching Arabic as a foreign language was developed by ALC’s founder, Maliha Wehbe, who started teaching Arabic in 1967. It focuses on allowing students to grasp the oral communication skills before gradually getting into Classical Arabic. The courses have been prepared with the understanding that students will meet Arabs from various Arab countries; therefore, they will be exposed to a variety of expressions and a choice of vocabulary, the popularity of which will vary from one country to another. We teach students to recognize the shapes of the Arabic alphabet and the sounds they represent and to show that Arabic is a truly phonetic language. Our courses assist students in building up words and forming sentences.

The structured classes are comprehensive and designed to teach vocabulary relevant to everyday use. Our simplified approach helps students to learn and speak the language the natural way; via the Arabic script, rather than via the English transliteration. It brings out the logic of the language in a way that has not been implemented before, which makes the learning process easier and gives Arabic the credit it deserves, as a logical, systematic and easy language.

Arabic, being a Semitic language, means that all words are reduced to a three letter base. In her series of text books, Maliha Wehbe presents to you a new approach to learning Arabic structured on a triangular theory. This makes the learning process logical and easier to comprehend. The triangular theory incorporates the word structure, conjugation, case endings, Harakaat, verb moods and dots in the script that create a different letter sound. She uses the concept beyond the traditional understanding of the 3 letter base. All words are introduced from the root.