Corporate Courses

Many companies face the need to train several members of their staff in Arabic at one time. In an effort to meet these requirements, we offer corporate courses at our clients’ premises. Alternatively, if the company lacks sufficient training facilities, we can accommodate the courses at our training centre.  For the beginners levels we offer a choice of our standard course (language and script) or a phonetics course.  For corporate courses we highly recommend the Phonetics course for the Beginners I level and then include the script with the Beginners II class. This is a way of allowing the students and the company to find out who has an aptitude for learning the language and who does not. Then, only the ones who do, and are serious about Arabic, carry on to do Beginners II plus the script.

Specialist Courses – designed for your specific industry/business

Some of our clients, request specific Business Arabic.  For these clients we have adapted our courses to make them specific to their business areas, such as ‘account opening and basic transactions’ for one of our financial clients. This means that their employees are learning specific vocabulary relevant to their jobs. We have specific courses in electronics, banking, medical, parks, hotels, water parks, real estate and financial advice.

If you are looking for a specific course to be designed which teaches your employees job-specific Arabic, simply contact us to arrange a meeting so we can take a thorough brief of your requirements in order to supply a quotation: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

Presentation Skills

For employees needing to make presentations in Arabic, it can be a daunting task. We can assist by recommending specific vocabulary and Arabic terms and helping with joining phrases etc. For more information, please contact us with specific details of your requirements: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING